Choose your outfit wisely

Because I work at a church, Monday is my "Sunday", when I get ready for the week ahead. I confirm or adjust appointments, plan meals, and review the calendar to get a picture of what the days (and nights) will look like. Then every Monday evening, when the kids are asleep, the dishes are cleaned, the bags packed for tomorrow, and the night is winding down, I step into my closet for a weekly routine of choosing my outifts for the workweek.

Please hold your judgement of my vanity and shallowness, and allow me to explain myself.

Being a working mother, mornings are not the time when I have the luxury to dawdle in my closet assembling the latest Polyvore #OOTD. In the last five years, I have worn sizes 0-12, maternity, postpartum, and nursing friendly attire. That being said, I don't buy new clothes very often, but work hard to mix and match, and create new outfits. I am not a fashionita and am far from "perfectly put together", but I do find value in dressing appropriately for each day.  So, I have learned that choosing my outfits for the week helps me to be prepared for what's ahead, helps me to be confident in my look, and is one less decision I have to make in the groggy hours of 5-7am.

How to choose your outfit:

First and obviously, consider what is happening that day: Will you be walking a lot? Wear your flats or vans. Will you be sitting or standing most of the day? Proactively avoid the embarrassment of unbuttoning your skinny jeans after noon. Do you have a lunch meeting at Albasha? Bring an extra shirt or at least some perfume. Will you be out from dawn through dinner? Dress comfortably.

Remember that you are often the first impression of your leader. If a guest is coming to meet with your boss and you greet them in sweats, it doesn't speak very highly of your preparation for their arrival. It is good to air on the side of being overdressed rather than under-dressed.

Modesty is of the utmost importance. If you are a female assisting a man, ask yourself if his wife would approve of your outfit. Make sure to check your neckline from all angles, and when in doubt add a scarf or layer.

If it's going to be a long day, make sure that you are business comfortable. You want an outfit that will LAST for the day.

If there is event or a funeral, wear black or muted colors, even if you don't plan to attend. In case your boss asks you to bring him something, you wouldn't want to show up in neon.

Bring a layer. At least in Louisiana, it can go from 83 degrees to 29 degrees in the same day, or downpour when it zero percent chance of humidity. For this, I like to have a sweater or jacket that I can throw on and roll with my day.

And before you leave, make sure to have your spouse give the final approval. They get an opportunity to check you out, and you will feel confident knowing that the most important person to you thinks you look great!

Here is what I wore yesterday when I was out of the house from 8am-9pm. In this outfit, I sat in meetings, met with my boss, walked 2.6 miles, nursed my infant, played on the playground with my kids, ate an ice cream cone, danced wildly in worship, ran through the rain, and felt comfortable in 81 & 45 degree weather!

Your Turn: When and how do you choose what you will wear each day?