Agonizing over the "First Post"- Option 1

I have put off writing this post because I do not know where to begin. Typical me... procrastinator with "good intentions and high ambitions" (my husband said that is the title of my fourth book that I will never write). I don't procrastinate out of laziness or out of lack of material-- on the contrary, I have an Evernote five pages long of random thoughts that could give me two months of drafts. Instead, it is that I want to start with the perfect post that will summarize me as a person, epitomize the vision of this blog, and attract people from all over the world that we can share and talk and encourage one another on this journey of life--- all in this first post. Yes- high ambition... let's just say my expectations may be slightly irrational. 

So, blog entry #1 option 1- ABOUT ME

I am a wife to the most brilliant man I know, mother to two adorable girls, and an assistant at a church. I grew up in Pennsylvania, went to college in Wisconsin and live in Louisiana. I am an only child-- my father passed away when I was 20 and my mom is one of the most humble and generous women I know. I value deep, long lasting friendships that I don't give up easily (which may be irritating to FB friends who don't really care to keep in touch). I have a passionate desire to communicate God's Word and a heart that is full when I have the opportunity to encourage others in their dreams. 

When I went on maternity leave with my second daughter in March, I spent time praying about what was next for me and my family. We are in a good place, but a lot of change has happened around us in the last two years and sometimes changes around you can make you feel "stuck" or question if you are in fact moving forward or just watching everyone else from the front porch of life (great view, but your bum gets sore in that rocker after a while). I digress... Anyway, God spoke to me about this next season being about some personal dreams that are stirring in Robert and my heart-- work is good, family is growing, and our home, well that's a never ending project. So I read (thanks Phil Cooke for "One Big Thing" and Jon Acuff for "Start") and prayed about what God has put in my hand already that I am passionate about. And this is what I came up with: 

What am I good at? (what comes easy for me)

  • Baking- i actually am making lemon bars while writing this
  • Organizing- when I don't have pregnancy brain
  • Creating systems
  • Following rules
  • Administrative tasks
  • Assisting- emails, calendars, tasks (mostly helping others move things forward)

What am I weak in?

  • Follow-through
  • Being controlled by my to do list
  • Too high expectations/being hard on myself and others

  What do I love? 

  • Baking- recipes I know well or can easily follow (not difficult ones with tons of ingredients)
  • Organizing- I spend more time organizing my house than actually cleaning it
  • Making and Checking off To Do lists (though I am not very good at follow through and actually DOING them)
  • Teaching/ Preaching/ Communicating  (not to research but I love to study the Word)
  • Encouraging people- Writing cards, sending texts, calling, or mailing gifts (really love to buy gifts when I know what they want)

What drives me crazy? 

  • Lack of Communication
  • Not good friends- people who don’t make the effort I would
  • Recipes that don’t turn out good and are a waste of ingredients and money

What do I want to leave behind? 

  • Fun memories (not the OCD/neurotic moments I sometimes create)
  • A peaceful, joyful, and laughter-filled home
  • Notes to friends that encouraged them
  • Something that has made a God impact in my life and the lives of those around me

What are three to five things you have always dreamed of doing but never made time for?

  • Learn Spanish
  • Write a Book
  • Tend a seasonal vegetable garden
  • Run a Marathon (did a half, but want to run a Full before 40)

Random, I know, but here I am laying it out there. What all this did was help me put on paper what I had in my head (I would highly encourage you taking time to answer those questions in your own life--- it can be both revealing and intimidating). The one thing that kept coming back to me was actually something I didn't write but felt in my heart. I am passionate about assisting people. I am an assistant by profession, a problem solver by personality, and an encourager of other peoples' dreams. I want to assist others to live fully in what God has called them to.

But WHERE DO I BEGIN? So I called a trusted and inspirational friend who suggested a blog (Thank You, Jessica Turner). I had one a long time ago but have not kept up with it (okay, so honest here-- i have written a bunch of posts but stopped publishing them because I truly wondered why anyone would want to make time to read what I had to say, so it became more of a draft journal for me). I decided to start it back up, or rather, start a new blog that was more intentional in content. Here it is- the art of assisting. You will get a lot about being an assistant and maybe some side notes just about lessons I am learning in life- because we all could use a little help now and then, and that is theart of assisting.