Agonizing over the "First Post"- Option 2

The "ART" of Assisting

My mom has always told me that she is great at baking because "cooking is an ART, and baking is a SCIENCE". There are no rules or specific laws of cooking that cannot be broken. I like that idea--- that there is a way to do things but there is no set law that will work every time... I feel that way about assisting. There is an art to it, you can offer advice, learn from one another, and hopefully grow in your skills as an assistant, but each person operates differently, so you have to learn the methods and medium that works for you and your "boss".

"The Art of" is also a fun play on words with "The HEART of" because to be a good assistant, you constantly have to check your HEART. You are representing someone else, speaking on the behalf of them and the organization, and carrying a lot of responsibility. It is so important that you aren't using it as a platform to advance your agenda (more on this in a future post). You have the ear of the leader of a corporation/organization, so make sure your heart is pure and your motives clean.

This blog is what I have learned so far on the journey and hopefully through comments, guest posts, and other dialogue we can share with one another and grow in our craft together.

Here goes...