I am Disappointed with You

One day while leaving work, I was approached by someone who said five words that left a scar on the rest of my day: "I am DISAPPOINTED with you".

This wasn't the first time I had heard this phrase and more than likely will not be the last.

The first (memorable) time I heard it was after I told my dad about a bad choice I had made that was not in line with how my mom and he had raised me. There was nothing I could do to undo what I had done, but these five words made more of an impact on my future decisions than any punishment he assigned.

When this person said it to me, my mind went back to that moment on the couch that my dad spoke the same statement. Though the reasons for their comment were different, the ache it set in my heart was the same. Thankfully, this time I was able to apologize and correct the problem, but those five words stuck with me.

You see, as an assistant (I am realizing that I tend to say that a lot in this blog...), you WILL disappoint people. You will make plenty of mistakes, and you will not always live up to every expectation. It is important that you come to terms with that, so I offer these few thoughts:

  • Watch Out for Who You are Disappointing- Your priorities are God, your spouse, your boss (occasionally these two- spouse and boss- will conflict, but more on that in another post), and your family/best friend.  Others will come and go, but these few are the ones who will have your back, are your biggest fans, and are your greatest encouragers.
  • Beware of People Approval- You want your boss to be pleased, but don't live by their accolades. You are going to wear yourself out. You will never hear enough praise from man to satisfy your desire for the approval that only God can give.
  • Do Your Best Every Day- Just because you WILL disappoint people, doesn't mean you should make that your scapegoat. Work hard to get the job done, do it well, and follow through. You have the opportunity to reach out, minister, and encourage others by what you do. Be an example of Christianity in your excellence.
  • Apologize and Recover- When you do disappoint someone, don't get defensive or lash out. Apologize and correct the situation. Then move on. Don't hold bitterness toward that person or resent their comment. God may have been using them to correct you. Be okay with that; learn and grow from it. We all make mistakes. The lesson is in the recovery.

Your Turn: Have you ever disappointed someone? How did it make you feel? How did you respond?