BE There

Please note that the post you're about to read is NOT an area that I've mastered. It is something I struggle with every day, an area in which I'm working really hard to get better. But I've heard a wise man say that "if you want to impress people share about your strengths, but if you want to impact people share about your weakness". So here goes…

I mentioned in an earlier post that the word God gave me for this year was BE, and how I knew this would be a challenge for me. This has been my first lesson: To BE MORE I will have to DO LESS.

This is a huge tension for me. I have a minor obsession with DOING. Checking things off my Google task list gives me a sense of accomplishment. But to BE- that isn't a box to be checked off my to do list. It doesn't feel like I'm actually getting anything done.

As a assistant, BEING THERE is just as important as doing things.

When you're in a meeting, being attentive and focused, truly listening, and taking thorough notes is so important to your leader. I know that God is trying to teach this to me, because it's so tempting to be in a meeting and "multi-task" (am I the only one who does this?). I usually have six windows open-- texting on iMessage, responding to emails, researching flights, scheduling appointments, and getting so much DONE while "just sitting" in one meeting. But the privilege and honor of sitting in that meeting is for naught when I am distracted by doing other things.

If I'm not present, I might as will not be there.

Bosses ask assistants to sit in a meeting for a purpose, not to give us a change of scenery from our desk or for white noise while getting stuff done, but to truly be there. Maybe it's to take notes so that we can remind them later what they said, maybe it's just to listen so we can learn their language or grow as leaders. But for whatever reason they have requested us to be there, let's do just that-- BE THERE, and NOT DO anything else. Let's listen with our whole hearts and minds, take exhaustive notes, and maybe even offer something God has laid on our hearts.

They've asked you to be there, so BE there.

Your turn: Is this an area you feel strong or weak in? What is some advice you can offer to help BE more attentive and focused in meetings?