The Reason for Your Season: Why Now and Why Me?

We live in a generation of seemingly microwaved popularity. We see others and think we can fast track our way to the "famous". People assume that someone became friends with 17.5K people on instagram overnight, when they don't realize it took years of dreaming, praying, and working to have that kind of influence and impact. Consider Noah, Moses, Abraham, Joseph, David, even Jesus- what we read in just a few pages, was in reality, years of anonymity in the wilderness before ever walking in the promises that were spoken over them. The lessons they learned in the hidden years of their lives enabled them to live, lead, believe, forgive, conquer, and complete the work to which God had called them. 

Our God is always more concerned with who we are becoming in Him, than what we will ever do for Him. Because of this, we are likely to spend many more years securing the foundation than building upon it. 

In every season of life there are lessons for us to learn & traits that God wants to build in our character. As I mentioned last week, it is so important for us to look around at the people we are serving alongside and the position/environment/community he has placed us in, and make time to ask "Why them and why here?"

The flip side of the coin, and equally important to consider is the question, "Why now and why me?"

Why Now: At this very moment in history, and in this lap of our spiritual journey, why has God placed us in this position? What has he done before this moment to make us ready for now, and what does He want to build in our character today to prepare us for what's next?  

Why Me: We considered those we are serving and the others around us to better understand what we can learn from them, but it is also good to realize that we have something to offer in this season. What has God done in our past that we can apply in the present and encourage others for their future? What wisdom and experience can we share from our journey to help others in theirs? Is it possible, in this season, that God may want to use me right where I am now

Consider the words Mordecai spoke to his cousin Esther "And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?" and let's ask, "Why now and why me?"

Your Turn: With excitement for all God has in store for your future, how you do keep you heart fully engaged in where He has you now?