The Reason for Your Season: Why Them and Why Here?

I have been reflecting on a message I heard recently about how every season in your life is for a reason (or several). The pastor used 1 Chronicles 12:32 to share about the importance of understanding the signs of the times and knowing the best steps to move forward. He said that if we can discern the season we are in, it makes the lessons more evident.

 When I was listening to this sermon I felt like God asked me two questions that I wanted to share with you.

The first was, "Why them and why here?"

Because I don't believe He makes mistakes, I trust God has appointed me in this position at this job serving alongside these people to teach me specific lessons. I want to learn all I can from Him so that I can continue to move forward in all He has for me. He will use these people and this place to build us spiritually, reveal areas of weakness, or grow our character. (Side note: everything He does is to bring you closer to Him and in line with the purpose and plan He has for your life.)

My mentor often reminds me that "what got you here won't get you there". I need to constantly be learning and growing so that I can be ready for what's ahead. I want to understand what God is trying to teach me from "them" and from "here" so I can be prepared for whatever is to come. 

It was an enlightening exercise to reflect on past seasons and people I have served with to see all that I have gleaned. Here are just a few lessons I learned from the people I serve: 

- the importance of serving the "least of these" - excellence in the detail - seeing the big picture - having a strong work ethic - maintaining a personal passion for God & holding fast to holy standards - cultivating a heart for the world - commitment to God alone & passion for His Word - communication - grace for others & grace for myself - the holy responsibility of caring for people - balancing work and family - healthy stewardship - the value of celebration

I encourage you to take a few moments to look around at the people God has placed by you and the workplace He has put you in, and stop to ask "Why?" What can I learn from them while I am here? It is amazing to see all God desires to do in us, if we will just embrace the season and let Him do the work. 


Your Turn: What lessons have you learned from others in this season?