One Thing at at Time

God has been revealing to me how important it is to slow down and be present in the moment. In this season of Advent, (check out this amazing book), I am challenged to wait on, pause for, kneel before, and stop to adore my Savior.  

As assistants, we are skilled in multi-tasking, completing projects while taking notes in meetings and getting out emails. But if we aren’t careful, multi-tasking becomes a way of life and we can lose focus on what’s before us. We have to avoid letting multi-tasking bleed into our being.(Sidenote- As I end 2017, it is so amazing to see God bring my attention back to what he has been trying to teach me all year on how to focus, have fun and build my faith).

Here are some examples:

-       Texting/drinking coffee/putting on makeup/eating breakfast while driving

-       Thinking about a previous conversation or pressing task while talking with someone

-       Writing cards while watching TV

-       Doing work while playing with my kids

It is hard to even write these down because in my head I think “none of these are really that bad and it helps me to get more done in my day”. But research shows (and my father in law sends me the articles to prove it) that multitasking is bad for your brain and your life. We will have difficulty doing the task in front of us with excellence; our body and minds have to be in sync. So in this sacred season I am going to work on (breaking this habit will be hard) doing one thing at a time. I may not DO as much, but what I get done will be done WELL.