I am a woman of routine. I have habits that map out most of my days- choosing the week's outfits, making my bed, grocery shopping, entering the first five minutes of work, and enjoying family dinners. I love implementing new regularly scheduled activities to help keep me moving forward as well as keep me grounded when my day goes awry.

Routines bring me comfort in a world of chaos. When my dad died, I grabbed hold of a daily routine that helped my mom and me through each day. 

After 9 years of marriage, I have learned that my husband is not one for routines. They hinder his creativity and spontaneity. He prefers to do things as they are needed or whenever he notices. He doesn't have a set time to take out the trash or a specific day to pay the bills (as long as they're not late). He eats lunch when he is hungry or is finished a project (which may be 2pm). 

I have come to understand that routines have the potential to be both beneficial and suffocating. They can prioritize the most important things about your day or keep you from experiencing something extraordinary. They bring consistency, predicability, and stability, but may keep me too set in my ways, irritable of interruptions, and caught off guard by changes. 

Jesus, in his amazingness, is both a man of routine and anything but routine. The Word calls Him one who never changes and the same yesterday, today, and forever. Yet in the same pages, God speaks of His unpredictable healing process, His patience in every interruption, and his unexpected responses to questions. 

In all things, our aim is to be more like Christ. So today, if you find yourself to be a person of routine, I challenge you to change it up and do something spontaneous. Respond differently than your natural tendency. Consider each interruption as an opportunity to see God use you. On the other hand, if your lean is toward spontaneity, maybe consider setting a new routine in place that will help bring consistency and organization. 

Your Turn: Routines- do you love them or resist them?