Save This Post for a Rough Day

So I started this blog officially on January 1st, and I was so excited to set a "realistic" goal of writing twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. I already had a month of drafts on dock and was thrilled to step forward in what God had laid on my heart.

Now just a month into it with all my prepared posts used, a week home with sick kids, and all my energy expended by 8:30pm, I am having trouble making time to move this idea forward. 

This morning my conversation with God went something like this:

Lord, I am sorry, but maybe I am just not cut out for this. I am having trouble being a good assistant at all, let alone trying to encourage others. I can't even keep up writing posts twice a week (that I am not sure anyone is actually reading). I hesitate telling people about the blog, because then I definitely have to keep it up (in hopes that even someone will read it regularly). How do I do this? Maybe I should just stick to trying to be a good assistant and you can talk to someone else about encouraging us.

Then I heard Him say this to my heart:

My dear sweet child, I never promised it would be easy. I never promised it would be quick. What I promised is that I AM WHO I AM and I AM WITH YOU.

I am not sure what it is God has asked you to do--- write a book, start a blog, send cards to friends, adopt a child, go back to school, home school your kids, lead a small group, open a business, or serve a family. Unfortunately my first words seem disheartening-- it won't be easy. It will require a sacrifice of time, resources, and other activities. It will be difficult and even discouraging at times. Sometimes you may think "if i could just take time off, quit my job, have a day away from my home/family responsibilities, then I could move forward in this dream".

But God doesn't usually work like that. He calls us to walk in our dreams WHILE we serve. In this, He uses our current season to build the character that will sustain in our next season. He builds our capacity, strengthens our resolve, tests our endurance, and solidifies our faith.

This season will be hard, exhausting, longer that you would like, and have unexpected turns. You will have days of defeat and moments of tears. But IN ALL OF THIS, He is WITH you. He will guide you if you let Him. He will give you "God winks" of His promises and "smiles from Heaven" of His pleasure in your heart to please Him. So remember, the road may be long, narrow, lonely, and uphill, but the company of your travels make the journey so worth it!

He has called you.

He will equip you.

Let Him sustain you.