Crock Pot #fail

So I had a mom fail last night, or rather this morning. When I went to prayer, I realized that I had never turned on the pot roast I prepped last night. I seared the meat, cut the veggies, put it all in the put but didn't want to turn it on at 8pm because I would have had to get up at 4am to turn it off. So instead I asked Robert to remind me to turn it on before we went to bed. But we fell asleep on the couch and when we finally wnet to bed, we had both forgotten about it. So I got up this morning, headed to prayer, and realized I never turned it on.  I texted my husband to turn it on but was concerned it wouldn't be good having sat out all night at room temperature. He assured me it would be fine but the entire time I prayer I just couldn't focus. I was so worried I would serve bad meat. How could I be sure it would be good? What if it wasn't? What if the girls get sick from food poisoning? what if we get sick from food poisoning?

I just didn't have time this week to gamble with those worries, so leaving prayer I went and bought new meat and potatoes, and headed home to make it all over again.  From the outside, you could hardly see the difference between the first pot roast and the second. But I knew the truth that it had sat out and just couldn't handle the possible outcome if it were bad. This got me thinking, as cooking always does ; ), so here's some random thoughts that I've learned from this morning's pot roast experience.

1. Two things may look the same, but it's what's on the inside that matters.

2.It may be more expensive, inconvenient, or frustrating, but making the right choice makes all the difference. When you choose convenience for yourself, you may be creating an inconvenience for someone else. It was not guaranteed but if I had just gone with the easy way and cooked the original meat, it may have created food poisoning and resulted in sick days for my family. Be willing to do sacrifice your time and resources to bless others.

3. Even when your day starts out with a failure, success still is possible. My day could've failed by 5 o'clock this morning but by making the choice to start over again, I changed the outcome and tonight's dinner was both delicious AND worry-free.