Pockets of Rest

Our family took a last minute getaway to the mountains this weekend to visit family. 

After being home for Christmas I learned that Robert and I have two different visions of vacation- he wants to experience all the city has to offer, get outside, take pictures, DO things. I, on the other hand like to use this opportunity to BE, sit by a fire and do NOTHING. But we find ourselves in a season that neither of those are fully able to be achieved. With young children, we have schedules, routines, nap times, and kid friendly activities to consider. We are working on creating the balance of all three of these to be able to return from a vacation feeling both refreshed, rested, and with happy children.

So today during the little ones nap time, I sent the whole family out (in quite cold weather) to enjoy the city, while I sat by the fire and read. I truly believe it is so important that you MAKE TIME to rest. Depending on your season of life, this may look differently for you but there has to be a moment where you pause, get quiet and enjoy some peace. I would love to say that I LIVE that way, but in the chaos of toy and tasks, dishes and dirty laundry, it is easy to lose this quiet in your soul.

A friend of mine once prayed for me to have "pockets of rest". I loved that phrase-- empty spaces for your to hide in and refocus.

I pray that you would make that moment today. Whether on vacation or in the craziness of a work week, take a moment to breathe, silence your thoughts and to dos, and listen for His voice. He is whispering to you. PEACE be with you.