Slaying the Dragons

A few months ago I heard a podcast by Michael Hyatt called "slaying the dragons" and I just loved that phrase. He shared about getting up in the morning and tackling those big things or areas of life that you need to make a priority.

If I can be real with you, recently I have just been struggling with laziness. I desire to be more productive but just can't seem to get up in the morning. My children are sleeping through the night and I am going to bed at a reasonable time, but when the alarm goes off, the snooze button just convinces me five more minutes won't do any harm.

This is a dragon to be slayed. I have seen enough of its ugly head, and I want to do everything in my power to defeat it.

In the daily grind, sometimes our mood won't match the mandate God has on our life. We are called to be "holy, perfect, set apart, excellent" but we settle for "common and mediocre". I don't want to spend my whole life struggling with the little things, I want to do great things for God.

One of our pastors said, "In life, there are no great secrets, just daily disciplines".

Whatever it takes to make these disciplines habits, I would encourage you to JUST DO IT. Get over how you feel, give the snooze button a rest, and wear your gym shoes to bed if you must. Just slay those dragons, because the truth is, these monsters are tiny compared to what's ahead, but if you don't slay them now, you will be eaten alive.

Here are some tips I am trying to slay the dragons:

  1. wear my gym shorts to bed 
  2. put my sneakers beside my bed
  3. set four alarms on my phone placed ACROSS the room
  4. tell my husband to push me off the bed if he has to
  5. leave my bible open to today's reading so its the first thing I see
  6. leave my computer open to my blog posting page so it's the second thing I see
  7. pray that my kids sleep until 7:15am

Your Turn: Is getting up in the morning a challenge for you? If so, what have you found to help you get a head start on the day?