Welcome to The Art of Assisting

Almost a year ago to date, God put a dream in my heart, and this dream I have been wrestling with, avoiding, and questioning for months. You can read more about it in my First Post: Option One, First Post: Option Two, and First Post: Option Three.

The Lord spoke the idea to start a blog for assistants. As I read and researched, I found little support for those who handle the administrative tasks that free leaders up to lead. Often assistants feel stressed, lonely, exhausted or in over their head. But we are valuable, and need others with a similar calling to encourage and strengthen our arms. Ephesians 4:12 came to mind- Their responsibility is to equip God’s people to do his work and build up the church, the body of Christ.

Great assistants add value to their boss and organization to reach further, build higher and advance the Kingdom. By serving others, they are able to move vision forward and impact eternity.

Whether in the "church world" or the "marketplace", assisting can be challenging. That’s why it would be amazing to walk through life together. We can learn and grow with one another. You have best practices to offer and potholes to warn others about.

Many of you are experienced assistants- we want to learn from you
Others of you are new to this role- we want to hear from you
Some of you are on the brink of burn out- we want to help you

I would be honored if you would take a moment to join the conversation. Praying you would see the value in your assignment and serve well in the season God has called you.  Hope we can take this journey together!