Make Time for People

We have a role that is task driven and it can be natural to put our heads to the keyboard and not look up from 9-5... but we are in the business of serving people. So even though we are responsible for the leg work to move things forward, it is so important that along the way, we don't trample the people that are in our way. 

This week I want to encourage you to make time for others. Walk around the office and ask your coworkers about their days, life, and families. Take a ten minute starbucks run with someone you have been wanting to get to know better. If you are grabbing a quick lunch, ask another assistant to make the run with you. Bring others along for the journey.

Assisting can be isolating. You are the vault of the company and often you can forget that although there is much you can't divulge, your life is not an island. Enjoy this adventure with others.

Your turn: What is a way that you intentionally make time for people?