Apps We Love

Happy Friday!!

Last week I was honored to be part of an email thread with a few other assistants sharing our favorite programs and apps. I asked their permission to share the full list, because this is what TheArtOfAssisting is all about: growing and learning together. So on your lunch break, take a moment to check them out. ENJOY!

Used Daily/Favorites:

  • Google Calendar- if google ever crashes, I am lost
  • GoTasks (connects with Google Tasks)- I put ALL tasks/reminders in this. My phone and computer are synced.
  • Evernote- I do ALL meeting notes in this. My pastor keeps all of his archived sermons and future sermon ideas in this.
  • DropBox- My pastor keeps all of his archived sermons and future sermon ideas in this as well. I also use this for ALL my documents in case my computer ever crashes.
  • Wunderlist or Nobze- to use for tasks and projects
  • Carousel by Dropbox- auto backs up my photos to Evernote


  • Contactually- I am doing the free 30-day trial for this right now, as a recommendation from another assistant. It is a cool way to help keep track of and manage relationships.
  • A2Z- This syncs with Google contacts and is great for group texting
  • Group Me- Just started using this as a way to communicate through set group texts. We have set this up to help with staff communication regarding last minute changes or in case of emergency or disaster relief.
  • Viber/Whatsapp/Skype- communication with international relationships
  • Hootsuite or Buffer for social media


  • Hipmunk- Great way to preview flight options and sort by agony, connections, and price
  • TripIt- the fare watch feature pays for the premium annual fee every year!  
  • FlightView Elite- helpful for monitoring flights
  • Auto Miles- I am trying this out to help keep track of my boss's business mileage. Don't have to log miles and will help when it comes to tax time next year!
  • OpenTable- Love this app for making quick last minute reservations
  • Glympse- for location sharing (live updates my location so I don’t have to tell people ETA)


  • JotNot- PDF Scanner into Dropbox
  • Days Since- trying this out for a way to keep up with random tasks that I need to do a random intervals. It tells you the LAST TIME you did something.
  • Slack- HUGE help for interoffice communication! Our creative team uses this the most.
  • Mail Chimp- we use this randomly and are considering using it for more campaigns
  • Paperless Post- we use this for invites to special events
  • 2Do- I don't use this, but a lot of our staff loves it
  • 1Password- where I keep all passwords
  • Keeper- where I keep all passwords

Your Turn: Please add your favorites in the comments!