They Believe In You.

Whether you are a new assistant or have been in this position for several years, there are days that you need to hear this simple reminder of truth: Your boss BELIEVES IN YOU.

It can be tempting to base our confidence in accolades or appreciation, and when that doesn't come often enough, we can begin to question our value and approval. So I wanted to encourage you this morning with one fact (and it bears repeating): They BELIEVE IN YOU. 

My husband and I just celebrated our seven-year anniversary and one area that is a battle for us (and by us I mean what I get mad at him about) is (the sometimes lack of) verbal appreciation. One time my husband jokingly commented, "I told you I loved you the day I married you, do I have to remind you every day that it is still true?" As a "words of affirmation", I desire to hear "I love you" often (and think that it is important for couples to say this regularly), but his joke made a point-- the security of our marriage cannot rest on whether or not he tells me how great we are (or rather, how great I am) each day.

Assisting can be similar in that we desire the approval and encouragement from our boss. But we can't base our self-worth on the words of another. Your supervisor may not be an outspoken encourager. Don’t get offended by this, but don’t get insecure either. They spoke the greatest belief in you the day they hired you, AS THEIR ASSISTANT, entrusting you with representing them. This reminds me of Jesus' first day of public ministry. When his cousin John baptized Him, and a voice from heaven said, "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased." Before Jesus DID anything for the Kingdom, God was pleased with Him. And the same is true for you-- God is proud of you before you DO anything, simply because you are His.

So let me rephrase that encouragement: Your boss AND GOD believes in you!

Now, let's not use this little boost to rest on our laurels. People believe in us and the potential within us-- don't take that for granted. Live worthy of their trust, always strive to be better, and stand confident in your role until your boss tells you otherwise. I don't know them personally, but I am sure that your leader will let you know the areas in which you can improve. ; )

So today, as you accomplish great things and help move the Kingdom forward, know that YOUR LEADER BELIEVES IN YOU!


For The Boss (FTB):

There is power in spoken belief, and your words mean so much to your assistant. I am grateful for a leader who speaks value not just in what I DO, but in the person I am becoming. If you have a moment today to say something encouraging to your assistant, do it. Your words matter.

And I will dare to go one step further- words are backed by action. If you notice that your assistant has been working on overdrive, maybe acknowledge it and offer they leave early one day. Or if they seem to be having a rough week, treat them to their favorite coffee. These little blessings make a BIG impact.