The Art of Being There

When my father passed away in 2003, ten of my college friends dropped everything and traveled from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania just to BE with me when I was at my lowest. It really touched my heart, and I learned that there is no science to being there for people, no perfect thing to say, nor amount of time to stay. It is simplying BEING PRESENT and WITH PEOPLE that makes all the difference. 

I really value this idea and have worked hard at BEING THERE for others, as I always value when they are there for me (maybe its because quality time is one of my love languages).

This year the Lord impressed the word BE on my heart, and this idea has resurfaced as a priority in my life. As a a full-time assistant, wife, mom, daughter, and friend, sometimes I can confuse doing things for loved ones as being there for them. These two are not the same. So this year I am practicing BEING PRESENT in the moment--- listening with my ears as well as my eyes, focusing on their face instead of on my phone--- doing less, but being more for them. My kids will never recall what I made for dinner every night, but they will remember that I was there to eat with them and talk about their day. 

What does this have to do with assisting? I realized that BEING THERE is a huge part of my role as an assistant (but looks really odd to list on a job description). I may have a mile long checklist of things to DO, but sometimes I am asked to take notes in a meeting or sit in as a third party for accountability. Often I shadow my boss at events just in case there is something he needs or someone whom with he would like me to speak. It is good to remember that half our job is to BE THERE---it won't fit on any checklist, and for doers it seems so unaccomplishing. But your being there is adding more value than you realize. 

Your Turn: Do you struggle BEING THERE? What tips do you have to stay present & in the moment?