The Running List

This summer has been fun, full, and full of fun! With visits from our extended family, a trip with the girls (which I will no longer call a "vacation"), and our church VBS, I feel like the weeks have just flown by. Where do the days go? For those of you who have been wondering where I have been the last month, I am back! For those of you who didn't notice, did you even miss me? ; ) 

Over the last few weeks, with traveling and crazy schedules, my boss and I have not been able to connect as often. When we do, it tends to be for 10-15 minutes between meetings or a phone call while he is on the road. At first I felt really overwhelmed by this, because there were so many questions that I didn't know what to ask first, and I felt rushed about how to give quick and concise updates. That is, until a friend introduced me to THE RUNNING LIST. 

The Running List is simply an Evernote document that I have created. There are three sections: 

1. Items that need attention- These projects/tasks are listed in chronological order, with the exception of urgent items at the top. I list the item, what has been done, and what the next step/question is. 

2. Things to be aware of - These things don't need any answers; they are just for my boss to be in the loop of what I am working on. 

3. Voicemails to follow up on - I share who called, what they asked for, and what I have done to help follow through with the need. 

Now, whenever my boss calls or connects with me, that list is open for him to add to & for me to ask questions about. I start with section one and work my way down the list. 

It has helped me collect my thoughts, stay focused on the prioritized tasks, and be more productive in my meetings with my boss. I am not sure how long I will keep up with this system (I usually change every 4-6 months), but for now it is working well.


Your Turn: What systems have you implemented to help you better communicate with your boss or keep you from getting overwhelmed by tasks & projects?