The Second Mile Difference

One thing (of many) my boss has taught me is to always strive to go the second mile for others. This idea comes from God's Word which says in Matthew 5:41: If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.

In a culture that seeks shortcuts and the path of least difficulty, "the second mile" is a less traveled road, but one that turns heads, softens hearts, and builds relationships. 

Over the years of hearing this phrase, I now attempt to take the second mile often. It's that added touch or the extra effort to do more than expected. 

A couple of weeks ago my boss and his wife took an anniversary getaway. A few of us wanted to go the second mile to celebrate them, so we had gourmet cupcakes delivered to their hotel room. It was a small special treat for them, but was a great realization for me. I want to be THAT KIND of assistant. The Holy Spirit quickened me with this desire: 

Do the little things that would never be expected, but will always be remembered. 

Not sure what this means for you, but here are some second mile ideas I want to try: 

On their travel itinerary- add weather, event attire, and printed directions (with added directions to nearby preferred restaurants, starbucks)

For their car- clean it out, wash it, and get the inspection sticker or any windshield cracks fixed

Randomly- pick up a smoothie or coffee for them, keep their favorites snacks on hand for meetings or busy afternoons, add money to their starbucks card/itunes account

Your Turn: What are some ways you go or want to go "the second mile" for others?