Live Intentionally

If "BE" is my word for the year, then this month's theme is "be INTENTIONAL". For whatever reason, this phrase has been on the forefront of my mind and made its way into my conversations almost daily. Both personally and professionally, I realize how easy it is to be accidental instead of intentional in life. 

Everyone ends up somewhere, but few people end up somewhere on purpose. - Pastor Craig Groeschel

At a party the other day, several parents were talking about their kids starting at a new school this year instead of the regular day care where we've all sent our children the last few years. I instantly felt like I missed the memo (or group text) about this new plan. Weren't we all supposed to change schools together? Another couple chose a different school, after visiting the facility and meeting the faculty. I never even considered all the options; I was just following what more experienced or those super moms suggested. It was my first eye-opening realization of what is already so obvious. As a parent I need to be intentional about asking God what is His plan for my child (each one differently), and be equally aware of my child's specific needs, to confidently do what is best for them and for our family, independent of the crowd (as holy and expert as they may be). There is a difference between getting advice (the value of seeking wise counsel) and getting answers (that only God alone can give you). 

As a daughter (and grand and in-law), niece, cousin, wife, mother, sister-in-law, and friend, my relationships are something I highly value. Unfortunately at the pace of life, the days are long but the years are short. With social media I can feel in the loop of their lives without actually ever visiting their addresses. We must be intentional to really stay connected with people and keep in touch with them--- to sit down and write that letter or carve out time at night to talk over the phone. I want to be the kind of friend that is aware of the mundane monotony, not just the milestone moments. (Note: this is something I strive for, not an area I excel in). 

In my job responsibilities, I recognize how easy it is to just maintain my area, respond to emails, check voicemails, and update appointments. But I want to do more than fill a position, I want to fulfill His purpose and leave this place better than I entered it. To do this we must be intentional to make time to grow in our field, read books that challenge our thinking, take risks that could fail, and share experiences and mistakes with others (hence this blog).

No matter what area you looking to improve-- realigning finances, adjusting to a healthy diet, restoring your marriage, growing in leadership, excelling in work, creating a peaceful home environment, living with a positive attitude, getting involved in a spiritual community--- you will need to take intentional steps in the right direction to move forward.


Your turn: What is an area you are looking to improve? What INTENTIONAL steps are you taking to make this adjustment?