2016 Word: DIG

Last year God asked me to “BE”- to slow down, be present, be intentional, and be available. I learned that my identity was in whose I was and not what I did. I realized that my worth what not wrapped up in my success or failures, but in my love for Him and the outpouring that comes from it. That was last year. Without forgetting all that I learned, this year God is calling me to DIG.

God gave me the word this word back in October and it has been stirring in me for the last few months. I have spent time asking Him what it means to dig-- Is it a word? An acronym? Both? Why this specific word for 2016?

This is what He has spoken to me so far, and it is more than enough for me to be faithful with for the whole year:

Depth- Digging takes work. Lots of work. I spend a lot of time talking about what I want to do, but usually only a fraction of that time actually doing anything about it. My pastor often has said that to build higher we have to dig deeper. Ironically, though my church’s word for the year is BUILD, God has not called me to create any new structure. For me personally, it is all about being faithful to firm up the foundation and do well the things He has already placed in my hand--- to stop talking and start digging.

Intentionality- It’s on here again. Being intentional. This may be a life word for me, the more I think about it. I really want to put energy and investment in the relationships that I am part of, as a wife, mom, assistant, co-worker, friend, and small group member. The people that God has placed in my path are for a reason and I want to value them. Being intentional also requires taking initiative—scheduling those coffees with people that we always say “we need to get together soon” and striking up conversations with the people I feel like God has called me to develop friendships. This year, I want to use my time wisely.  

Groundwork- This sounded like such a weird word when God spoke it to me, but I heard him so clearly encourage me to till the soil of the things I want to see grow in my life. I plan to lay the foundation for the kind of structure He wants to build in me. I hope to meditate and memorize more of God’s Word, and go after the things I have been talking about. It’s time to put my hand to the plow, my head to the ground, and start DIGGING.  

This is my year to dig deep, prepare the soil, and lay the foundation. This is not my year to start something new. I won't start a foreign language this year or learn to play guitar (though both are on my bucket list). Instead, in 2016, I will till and plant the overgrown vegetable garden I started years ago, I will write more, and I will play on the ground with my kids. I will spend more time investing in my family, my marriage, my friendships, and ministry. This is my year to flourish in the things God has already placed in my hand, to go deeper in the knowledge of God and His heart for me. It may be a hidden year, it may be an anonymous year, but I am okay with that. We all need those years; they are good for building our character and testing our faith, patience, and faithfulness. It’s going to be a good year.

Deep calls unto deep. In 2016, I am digging my way toward Him.


YOUR TURN: What’s your word, phrase or goal for 2016?