Small Task- Big Impact

"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love"*

I was recently reminded of this quote and thought about how as assistants, small things are our forte. The details within a project, the seemingly insignificant tasks or projects that require a lot of coordination and communication.

Several weeks ago I was asked to write a letter from our church to some community members. This letter took a great deal of handcrafting, data collecting, and proofing. I worked with a dedicated team that helped gather information and we edited this letter several times. And as I am sure you understand, this project had a quick deadline-- we did it all in two days... while I was home with a newborn. It was a challenging project and a seemingly small task (write a letter), but it was one that we were proud of and one that we did with love and excellence. 

Several weeks later I was able to learn that this small task produced great results and helped us to move forward with the vision God has placed on our church. Never underestimate the power of doing every task with great love!  





 *attributed to Mother Theresa