A Summer Not Soon Forgotten

It's been a few months since I have shared on this space, but I am finally making time to write and am looking forward to blogging again. It's not been for lack of content, but rather the craziness of the season that has kept me away. 

This summer in our city has been anything, but ordinary for our family, our church, and our community. My pastors planned to take some time off in July, so I was anticipating a relaxing month to catch my breath before maternity leave. Instead, we witnessed anger and division in our city in the shooting and death of Alton Sterling, Deputy Brad Garafola, Officers Montrell Jackson & Matthew Gerald, as well as injuries of three other officers. When the shootings took place, our pastors returned from their leave to minister to a broken community (I so love their hearts to serve!). Despite the pain and tension, the Lord used this moment to bring unity and healing to so many hurting people. We shared on racial reconciliation, preached a series called “Tragedy to Turning Point”, held a worship night with several local churches, hosted a candlelight vigil and funeral for one of the fallen officers , and a memorial service for all three officers. In a community looking for hope; it’s been an amazing opportunity to point people to Jesus! (and a busy time for an assistant in her third trimester ; )  )

Our prayer was that God would bring unity to this city and He answered in a way we never expected. We went from shootings and hostility in our July, straight into a massive natural disaster in August. The Great Flood of 2016 affected thousands of families and will take months of recovery for people. In all the pain, our church has had the incredible privilege to serve on the front lines and truly live out the mandate God placed on us: to be a healing place for a hurting world. When the flood hit, we opened distribution centers, mobilized teams and went to work to help meet the needs of so many people. Check out this recap to give you a small glimpse of this disaster and our involvement in the relief efforts. 

While God used us to serve this community, we also had a lot going on personally. In late August, we welcomed our third daughter into our family. She is truly a bundle of joy, and her sisters (and us of course!) love her immensely. I just finished my maternity leave and am getting back in the swing of things at work. 

As you can tell, the last few months were quite a whirlwind, and I am looking forward to sharing with you what I have learned about grace, flexibility, time management, and joy in this season. I can tell you this: being an assistant is anything but ordinary. More soon!