Make New Friends

Robert and I had the privilege to travel to Europe a couple weeks ago, and so enjoyed our time together. While traveling, I made it a point to meet new people. I naturally like to do this, but sometimes find myself tired, irritable, or just not interested in small talk (am I the only one?).

Being in my 30s, I always imagined at this point in my life I would have my "people", but due to some transitions over the last few years, my friends cup has room to fill. In this season, I want to be more intentional about meeting new people and getting to know others. The phrase that my parents taught me growing up came to mind the other day: Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet.

While overseas, it was so fun meeting some amazing people and hearing their stories, journeys and getting a glimpse into the season they are walking through. It really encouraged me not to just to do my own life surrounded by people, but to come alongside one another and bring encouragement. This may be the only time our paths intersect for some, and for others this just may be the start of a lifelong friendship. Either way, God has put us next to each other (on a airplane, tour bus, restaurant, or ferry boat) because there is some way we can mutually encourage, challenge, or bless one another. I do not want to miss that opportunity, whether I am vacationing in Europe or walking through my neighborhood. New friends could be anywhere.

Your Turn: Do you like meeting people? How do you step out of your comfort zone to make new friends?