I don't know what it is about the word "busy," but it has such a negative connotation to me. When someone calls me busy, it runs through my veins like nails on a chalkboard. I am married with three kids, work full time outside the home, like to cook and bake for fun, have a passion for strong friendships, and have recently started building our new home. I admit there is a lot going on in my life, but when someone says that they didn't want to bother me because they know I am so busy... oh man, don't get me started. My sister in law mentioned it over a text the other day, and (my poor sister didn't know what she was walking into...) I gave her an ear full. It hurts my heart and deflates my soul to be defined as busy

When I hear the word busy, it stirs up images of a strung out, burnt out, worn out, tired all the time, running ragged, packed schedule, face in the iPhone, no time for anyone kind of life. Busy days usually end when I lay my head on the pillow and find that I have been running nonstop, but still got nothing done.  

I have decided I prefer the word full. It feels much more intentional, like I packed the luggage so it is stuffed with all the things I chose. And even when it's full, there is always room for one more item that is valuable to me on the journey. I want to be someone who has a full life -- full of laughter and joy, family and friendships, working and playing, good food and great conversations, learning and growing. I love when I lay my head on the pillow and reflect that my day has been non-stop, but with all the things that God has called me to/placed in my path/laid on my heart. Because I want to make the most of the days that the Lord has given me, at first glance it may look busy, but I promise my life is really just full. There is always room for more ; ) 

Your Turn: When you reflect on your days, have they been busy or full?