A Messy Ministry Moment

Yesterday was one of those tough days of ministry. I had a conflict with a co-worker/friend in front of other coworkers/friends. It was a simple misunderstanding that I blew out of proportion. This emotionally driven moment could have been easily avoided if I had been willing to allow humility to elevate our relationship over my pride of needing to be proven “right”.

Thankfully we both are committed to our friendship and worked through it immediately, but, as there is in any group of humans, hurt remains, gossip lingers, and this conflict is added to the pile until it will either be forgotten or is able to be laughed about one day. 

Unfortunately, because everyone has different personalities, engage in disagreements in opposing ways (hello fight or flight), and ultimately since we are sinners in a fallen world, conflict will happen (even in a Christ-centered environment) at some point with someone. 

I am writing this as I still process and reflect on how I could have better responded to the situation, but two things I am grateful for are His promises that His mercies are new every morning and that the love of Christ covers a multitude of sin. I can’t control how others will engage with me from this point, but through repentance and reconciliation, I can do my part to restore the friendship and trust God to somehow (even if I can’t see it now) redeem the moment and use it to help me grow toward Christ and others. 


Your Turn: How do you handle conflict in your workplace?