The First Five Minutes of My Day

Generally, I am a morning person and pretty happy from the start of my day. By the time I get to the office, I have been up for 2-3 hours and have already curled my hair or worked out (I prefer the former), enjoyed quiet time, and eaten breakfast with my kids. I am ready to hit the ground running--- that is, after you give me just five more minutes. You see, it can be a challenge for me when I am walking into the office with three bags on my arm, my morning snack balancing on my coffee mug, and my sunglasses still on inside (because I don't have a hand to remove them),  and someone stops me to ask if I read the email or checked the voicemail they left me ten minutes ago. Not that I haven't (though I probably haven't if you are asking me), but rather because I need those first five minutes. These five minutes are sacred to me. They get me settled, ready, transitioned from changing diapers to coordinating calendars. After that, you can interrupt everything I am doing and I will do my best never to respond that "I am too busy for you". But these five minutes, I need.

The first five minutes of my work day look exactly the same. I turn on the florescent lights and three lamps in my area, unlock my filing cabinets, unlock and open my pastor's door and turn the lights on (if he isn't in yet), unload and plug in my computer, bring my lunch to the kitchen fridge, and pull out the items in my tickler file* (don't laugh at the name, more on this in a future post).

These might seem like no big deal and all so simple, but they are the secret to whether my day will be intentional and proactive or haphazard and reactionary. These five minutes make all the difference for me. So if you see me in the hall with bag in hand or get sent to my voicemail from 9:02-9:07am, you can understand why I am avoiding your conversation. It's not that I don't love or value you, but give me just five more minutes and then I am all yours.

What about you: Do you have a morning routine or ritual? if so, what is it?


*This one is so important that it will have its own post